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    The ABC's of Organization: Good or Neutral News

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Organizing your messages can sometimes be confusing, but it helps to know how your reader will respond. If you are confident that your message will be well-received, use the letters S-E-A as a guide to organizing your message.

    Start with "S," which stands for "Situation." State the situation, or purpose, of your message, to let your reader know the good news right up front.

    Next comes "E" for "Explanation." Support your good news with the reasons behind it. Perhaps you are offering or accepting a special deal. Give the details of the deal to make sure you and your reader are on the same track. This is also the place to offer any terms or contact information, to assure your reader you are willing to work with him or her.

    Finally, close with "A" for "Action." Let the reader know what you will do next, along with any extras you might be including, and also what you expect in return. Finish on a friendly, positive note.

    By using the "S-E-A" model for positive and neutral messages, you can quickly and efficiently organize your news for maximum impact and future returns. See? Easy as A-B-C.

    You can learn more about organizing messages on pages 42-44 of Business and Sales Correspondence, part of the EZ Series of business writing materials from UpWrite Press.