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    Using the AIDA Formula to Persuade

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Sometimes your writing must persuade someone to do something—buy a product, donate to a cause, or join a team or project. The indirect approach illustrated by the AIDA formula can help you do this. AIDA stands for "Attention plus Interest and Desire, plus Action." Use the formula whenever you think your reader may be resistant to a request or proposal.

    Start with "A" for "Attention." Pose an interesting question, offer some tantalizing information, or pitch a tempting offer.

    Next, create "Interest and Desire" by expanding on your topic and focusing on the benefits your reader will reap.

    Finally, ask your reader to take "Action," offering a specific, logical next step.

    That's all there is to it. Grab ATTENTION, create INTEREST and DESIRE, and finally ask your reader to take ACTION. With the AIDA formula, you can present a clear, attractive idea that will be hard to turn down. And that's what persuasion is all about.

    You can learn more about organizing messages on pages 42-44 of Business and Sales Correspondence, part of the EZ Series of business writing materials from UpWrite Press.