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The Seven Traits of Effective Writing


Strong Ideas

Strong Ideas are the capital of business, turning thoughts into profits. Learn more.


Logical Organization

Logical Organization ensures that those strong ideas can be understood. Learn more.


Appropriate Voice

Appropriate Voice means the message will be well received by the reader. Learn more.


Precise Word Choice

Precise Word Choice delivers the message most succinctly. Learn more.


Smooth Sentences

Smooth Sentences allow one thought to flow to the next. Learn more.


Correct Copy

Correct Copy means that the message is professional and trustworthy. Learn more.


Polished Presentation

Polished Presentation provides a design that highlights the message. Learn more.

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Welcome, Fellow Businesspeople!

If you’re looking for help with your writing and communication, you’ve come to the right place. For nearly a decade, UpWrite Press has provided products and services to people just like you. Whether you need a desk reference to remember if it’s affect or effect or you want a full course to help with management writing—we can help.

If you’re interested in how our products help you improve, check out the seven traits of effective writing to the right. And for a look at the types of writing you’ll learn about, see the major forms of writing, below. The bottom of this page shows products designed just for you.

The Major Forms of Writing

Different situations and messages call for different forms of writing. The forms listed below address the primary writing needs of anyone involved in business. Courses in the Write Program provide timely, research-based instruction for creating each of these forms.

Form Description
Correspondence includes e-mails, memos, and letters—essential forms of day-to-day business communication.
Reports share the information needed for businesses to prosper.
Proposals lay out plans to meet a business’s needs, from developing a new market to solving a problem.
Instructions provide the how-to documents that help a business and its clients carry out their work.

Click the link below to download a printable PDF document that outlines the key forms of business writing:

The Key Forms of Business Writing The Key Forms of Business Writing (415 KB)

Books / E-Books

These handy desk references provide quick answers to common problems encountered in business writing. Choose from books on general business writing, e-mail writing, and correspondence, as well as specialty e-books.

emPOWERED Job Aides

Each four-page Job Aide gives you the essentials on one aspect of writing—such as critical thinking, grammar, taking notes, or writing concisely. Job Aides are well organized and easy to follow—putting the information you need at your fingertips.


Each manual provides trait-based strategies and exercises to help you improve your business-writing skills. The strategies are concrete but powerful and easy to apply to your writing. Choose from three different manuals: